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 Rather Be With You

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● єη ¢яαzу..єη ∂α∂ℓυ ѕнутαη ●

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Kayıt tarihi : 09/11/08

MesajKonu: Rather Be With You   Çarş. Kas. 19, 2008 1:05 pm

He sends a friend
To ask me if I'm interested
I see you coming my way with a smile
You say He's the guy, you caught his eye
But he's afraid to come over he's a little shy so,
Why don't you come talk for a while?
But I see your smile baby
The messenger my take the prize
And you see the look in my eyes

I'd rather be with you, baby
You know what you're doing to me
You're the one, the only one
That sets it all on fire
Yeah you, baby
(and I can see you want to be with me)
Yeah you know what I'm saying is true
I'd rather be with you

It's you and me
But then you call him over
And your buddy makes three
I know you're just trying to do right
A glance, a touch
Try not to stare just a little too much
Baby, it's impossible to fight
Best of intentions
Do you really wanna give me away
I'll take this moment to say


It's only time
I'll make you mine
You know you can't deny me
Come a little closer baby
And tell your friend
that I'm not really interested
There is nothing more that you can do



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Rather Be With You
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